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Individual/Family Passport

We partner with a wide variety of insurers and financial institutions to offer a broad range of quality insurance products and financial services, at very competitive rates.

Group Passport: Financial services at work

An invaluable tool to help strengthen your relationship with your employees!

This personalized program is offered through employers to their employees and their families. It complements the group plan in effect and offers employees access to advantageous insurance products and financial services.

Our range of services:

  • Design group insurance programs;
  • Provide program cost estimates;
  • Review and implement financial management mechanisms;
  • Draft bids and select insurers;
  • Annual reviews of financial results and renewal pricing;
  • Negotiating contractual agreements with the insurer;
  • Developing premium sharing policies to maximize tax efficiency;
  • Hold information sessions with employees;
  • Existing file management.

These services are offered as options to group members, based on their needs, and help members save time and money. Financial planning and retirement planning are also available to give your client an accurate snapshot of his financial position and help him reach his financial goals.

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