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insurance - long-term care

To maintain the dignity of your client

With life expectancy rising, the risk of becoming dependent as we get older is also increasing. No one wants to leave their home and live in a long-term care facility to fulfill everyday activities.

This coverage pays a monthly benefit to the insured who can no longer handle at least two facets of day-to-day life: eating, bathing, getting dressed, moving around, going to the bathroom or who suffers from incontinence.

This additional income lets the insured stay at home and pay all care-related expenses, such as home nursing, equipment purchases, expenses for home adaptation (inside and outside the home), etc.

To take care of parents

Purchasing long-term care coverage with a rider to refund premiums at death is another solution that could help a client take care of hsi parents. With this insurance, the beneficiary is refunded for all premiums paid when the insured dies, less any claims paid, as applicable.

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