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Protection of Personal Information Policy 

Aurrea Signature protects the confidentiality of the personal information it receives in the course of its business.

Safeguarding your personal information is critical to Aurrea Signature and security measures are taken to protect users against the loss or unauthorized use of their information.

To protect the confidentiality of the personal information it receives, Aurrea Signature has adopted a Privacy Policy, the application of which has been entrusted to a person who monitors the strict adherence to the provisions of this Policy.

A summary of the Policy is available here, for quick reference.

The right to privacy protection

Various legislative provisions emphasize and guarantee your right to privacy protection. This is a crucial right, and Aurrea Signature has adopted the measures required to ensure compliance with this right.

During the course of its business activities, Aurrea Signature holds different information on its insureds and employees, and some of this information is highly confidential.

As an agent of your trust, and knowing how important your privacy is to you, Aurrea Signature adopted a Privacy Policy to protect this information and guarantee its use in a manner that is consistent with your rights and the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Who is bound by this Policy?

Only certain Aurrea Signature employees, to fulfill their duties, have access to the personal information we receive. When these employees must examine, use or convey such information, they are required at all times to respect the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

If certain personal information must be entrusted to third parties for processing purposes, Aurrea Signature ensures that such information continues to benefit from the required protection; this Policy is therefore binding to these third parties.

What is personal information?

Any piece of information that identifies you is clearly a personal information. Your name, your date of birth, your address, your health insurance number and your social insurance number all constitute protected personal information. However, this protection is not limited to this information, it also extends to information that is sent to us; your financial and medical information, information on your family members or even your insurance certificate number.

How is this personal information protected?

We safeguard the personal information sent to us by ensuring that only qualified persons have access to your information. We make sure these persons receive the training required to process this information, and ensure that our employees fully comply with our Privacy Policy.

Our liability in this regard also extends to the protection of our information systems. As such, we have implemented the strictest security measures, including, material and administrative protective measures, as well as software that is continually updated. These measures are sometimes subject to periodic internal audits as well as independent audits.

Why is this personal information collected?

When you send us an application for insurance, it usually contains several pieces of personal information that, once examined, will help us determine to accept or reject the coverage requested.

Additional personal information may then be required, especially in cases where you are requesting a change in your coverage. The personal information that we receive is often used for different purposes in the course of our business.

However, regardless of the way in which we intend to use this information, except as otherwise required by law, you will always be notified beforehand and your consent will always be required. Only information that is required will be collected, and it will only be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes that were expressed to you.

Can I get a copy of this Policy?

The right to privacy protection is the cornerstone of any free and democratic society. Aurrea Signature fully subscribes to the underlying principles of this right and, to this end, we are proud to make our Privacy Policy available to the public. Any person who makes a request will receive a copy of our Policy.

Can I ask about any personal information you may have on me?

Once we are sure about your identity, we will be pleased to follow through on your request about the information we hold on you and how we use it. How do I get this information?

  • By sending a written and signed request to our head Office; or
  • By reviewing your file at our Head Office.

Can I ask to have the personal information about me corrected?

Given that to err is human, some of the information we hold on you or that we receive could contain some errors.

If this indeed occurs, you are entitled to request corrections to any invalid personal information about you that is held by Aurrea Signature.

To do so, send a written, dated and signed request to us together with supporting documents, if any. Your request for corrections will be promptly reviewed, and we will inform you without delay of the measures we have taken to remedy the situation, once processed.

Can I file a complaint if I am not satisfied?

We take the quality of our relationships with our clients very seriously. As such, Aurrea Signature has implemented efficient mechanisms to process the complaints it receives related to the management of personal information. If you wish to share your concerns, comments or your dissatisfaction regarding the management of your personal information, you may file a written complaint about this. This written complaint must be sent to our Head Office and addressed to the Privacy Officer, who will then contact you to inform you of the mechanisms that will govern the processing of your complaint.

Who do I contact?

Requests for information regarding the management of personal information, to review your file, to file a complaint or for any information regarding the Privacy Policy, written requests must be sent to:

Aurrea Signature
Christian Laroche
1205 Ampère Street, Suite 201
Boucherville, Quebec  J4B 7M6

Humania Assurance

Humania Assurance holds participating interest in Aurrea Signature. Aurrea Signature, its shareholders and employees hold no participating interest in the business of any insurance company.


The commissions earned on the sale of insurance products are used to compensate the firm and its senior advisors. The firm may earn commissions on the renewal of these insurance products if these insurance products are maintained in effect. No other compensation will be paid to the firm and its senior advisor, either directly or indirectly. You will be informed of any change to this compensation practice in writing as soon as this information is available. Part of this compensation may be shared with your advisor or the company to which he or she is linked. Compensation sharing is carried out in compliance with the regulatory framework, especially that in effect at the Autorité des marchés financiers, and the professional development framework governing your advisor, as applicable.

Conflict of Interest

We take potential conflicts of interest very seriously. We will inform you of any conflict of interest which we shall report with regard to the recommendations we will provide to you. We declare that our recommendations are based on and take into account our assessment of the financial needs of our clients.

Personal Information

We consider the safeguarding of our clients’ personal information as vital, and we obtain our clients’ consent to collect, use and disclose their information.

We attach great importance to protecting the confidential nature of our relationships with our clients.

The position we have taken with regard to the law is to engage in an open and transparent manner to strengthen the relationships we enjoy with our clients. A summary description of our Privacy Policy, and the Policy itself, is available on request.