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A subsidiary of Aurrea Signature, we are a general insurance agent, and we specialize in group insurance.

Well aware of the growing need for specialized expertise and coaching services, we have developed a professional-grade service offering based on the best standards, at highly competitive rates.

Our Goal

We strive to support insurance advisors at all levels, whether they have their group insurance licence or not. We offer a full range of services and advice to simplify the often complex process of developing a group insurance program, including marketing, financial terms analysis, recommendations and tax optimization.

Our Expertise

Our achievements have enabled us to build our brand in the group insurance field, and this helps us:

  • Negotiate with insurers to benefit from the most competitive pricing and renewal methods;
  • Analyze the current plan, compared to what is available on the market (coverage, employer/employee and union expectations);
  • Complete cost-sharing analyses;
  • Optimize marketing efforts (for all insurers);
  • Gain leverage with other insurers to get the best rates.

Our Group Insurance Solutions

Because each company is unique, we offer a range of group insurance solutions: 

  • Conventional group insurance plans;
  • Self-insured plans;
  • Group annuity plans;
  • Health Spending Accounts;
  • Cost-plus programs;
  • Full-service private management plan TPA/TPP;
  • Special private management concepts for SMEs.

Who doesn’t want a benefit plan that’s easy to sell, easy to manage and practical for employees? The processes in our Aurrea Signature plan are designed to reduce the time and energy it takes to sell and manage a benefit plan. It offers full-service and customized benefits management that optimizes group insurance plans and all related administrative tasks.

Our Group Insurance Services

Our services target employers and insurance advisors who are interested in tapping our expertise. Below is an overview of the services we offer: 

Consulting Services

Every step, from the needs analysis to the implementation of a benefit plan to daily file follow-ups.

Data Collection

Gather required information from the insurers involved, such as changes made to coverage content, the group’s pricing and claims experience for the last three years, and all other relevant information. Prepare, as applicable, specifications based on needs, requests and the group’s resources and transmit this information.

Needs Analysis

Evaluate the group’s needs with an eye on current or future group insurance coverage. Submit our recommendations in writing within a reasonable timeframe.

Renewal Analysis

Validate the renewal of the current contract and make suitable recommendations.

Develop a quote and service proposal

Offer a new group insurance plan for members and set out the specifications, as needed. Launch the bid process for other insurers based on the group’s specific characteristics.

Bid Analysis and Recommendations

Analyze the bids received and make one or more reasoned recommendations. 

Implement changes to the current plan or put a new plan in place.

Implement the changes made to the current plan or the new plan. 

Train the manager and oversee communications to employees

Develop and monitor a training program. Customer service and support.  

Customer service and support 

Offer customer services if needed.

Working table, meeting with employees and the union

Schedule meetings with employees and the union.

Support during plan implementation

Support services during plan implementation, including calculating payroll deductions and taxable benefits. 

Administrative support

Administrative support when technical problems occur or when handling complex claims.

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