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Brokers of experience

  • Do you feel as though you’ve reached a professional plateau?
  • Is managing your business becoming a burden?
  • Are you spending more time doing paperwork and less time with clients?
  • Do you want to grow your business without working more hours?
  • Are you thinking about retiring in five years but don’t have a succession plan in place?

Meet with one of our business management specialists. Use this meeting to talk about your business vision. Our specialists are there to listen, and to make you a business proposal.

Our offer: A partnership where 100% of your clients remain yours

Our business plan consists of several components:

  • Business management: Growth or Pro Vie Insurance strategy for your retirement;
  • Marketing: Service offer, adding new products, integrating new financial strategies, client approach and maximizing income;
  • Managing Pro Vie Insurance network resources;
  • Technology.

What drives us: Making the difference in the financial products and services distribution industry and growing with people who share our passion!

To learn more about the career opportunities at Aurrea Signature, contact:

M. François Blanchet
Phone: 1-877-831-4884