AboutNewsChristian Laroche nominated in the Top leaders of the financial industry in 2020

Christian Laroche nominated in the Top leaders of the financial industry in 2020

Monday, March 1, 2021

2020 Finalist - Top leaders of the financial industry

For a second year in a row, Christian Laroche, President Quebec Operation of IDC Worldsource Inc. and President of Aurrea Signature, earned his place in the Top leaders in the financial industry (French only) established by french media Finance et Investissement. The event highlights the works of company leaders who helped shine a positive light on Quebec's financial industry in 2020.

We are extremely proud of this nomination and to be a part of Quebec's financial elite, as it reflects the work and efforts of our extensive team at IDC Worldsource and Aurrea Signature.

We also want to highlight Christian Laroche's work. In 2019, he sealed the deal with IDC Worldsource, allowing Aurrea Signature to become a key tool in the industry with one of the largest Canadian general agents.

The year 2020 defined by a remarkable raise

In 2020, we experienced a raise of 20.37% in sales figures, making 2020 our best year.

For innovation, we've also driven ambitious projects within our organization:

  • Setting up the new CRM to facilitate a follow-up and transfer of more than 15,000 references to our distribution network.
  • Launch of our new Canadian Construction Program, exclusive to our organization, which serves construction stakeholders with financial services adapted to their situation.

In addition, we've continued the development and deployment of our training and events platform,, which saw great success.

Finally, we've started a remodel of our exclusive product, Sécur+, for which we should announce changes in the following months.

A team success

Once again, congratulations to the whole team of Aurrea Signature and IDC Worldsource for this remarkable accomplishment. Thank you to our employees and advisors at the heart of our success!