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Countersignatures are prohibited

Monday, February 1, 2016

Are you sometimes tempted to sign something on your client’s behalf? Even if you are acting in good faith, this is why signing in our client’s place is strictly prohibited.

To countersign or not?

Are there circumstances in which financial advisors can countersign in their client’s place? No. The Quebec Court has already decided that imitating and using such signatures is a serious offence that warrants removal from the registry for a given period. Forging a signature constitutes fraud and is considered identity theft. The financial advisor who imitates a client’s signature will not be reprimanded or asked to pay a fine, they will be struck from the registry of licensed advisors. The law and jurisprudence on forging client signatures are clear, consistent and unambiguous. There are no circumstances in which a financial advisor is allowed to forge a client’s signature. The client must produce the signature either on paper or digitally, not the financial advisor.

The financial advisor cannot forge the client’s signature under any circumstances.

Financial advisors cannot justify forging client signatures, even if:

  • The client is aware and has asked you to do so;
  • The client is unable to sign;
  • A signature was omitted and you don’t want to bother your client;
  • You want to sign your name, not your client’s name;
  • You are acting in good faith and doing your client a favour.

Solutions to Avoid Signing on Your Client’s Behalf

There are several options that will help you prevent having to forge a signature:

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