Présentations PowerPoint : dépassées pour la vente ?
BlogNewsIs using PowerPoint presentations to close sales obsolete?

Is using PowerPoint presentations to close sales obsolete?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Is the era of using slideshows to boost sales over? Should brokers turn to new visual formats to support their arguments? Presentations overflowing with content are definitely a thing of the past, but slideshows have changed. More streamlined, today’s slideshows are used to support the arguments put forth, without bombarding clients with information.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of this very important tool.

Are slideshows really necessary?

The importance of visual aids no longer has to be proven, we know that about 65% of the population is hugely visual. In fact, on average individuals retain 10% of the information they hear; this rises to 66% when the content is seen and heard.

Slideshows support the statements we make, and the probability that people will remember them. They also provide credibility to your arguments when tables and graphics are added.

The type of content to add

People cannot read the content of your presentation and listen to what you are saying at the same time. Since you want to grab their attention, your presentation should feature as little text as possible.

Graphics and diagrams

Diagrams, charts and graphics help clients visualize what you are trying to say at a glance.


Drawings and pictures have the power to reach an individual’s emotional core. They have impact. They must be used judiciously, however: We recommend using pictures in only one out of every four slides. Your presentation cannot look like a side show of your last vacation. Striking the right balance is key.


Use text in a slideshow to summarize the main ideas. Using a bullet list is also be very effective. Try to limit your ideas to five per slide, otherwise your main ideas may not get across as well as you’d like.

Sometimes, less is more!

Simplicity is key when punctuating your presentation with visuals. Keep the background clear and simple, and use no more than two font colours in your presentation. A sparse visual helps the eye focus on the main message, which is just what you want. If your future client needs 5 seconds to study the background image, different font sizes and colours, you will lose this time to get them on your side.

Here are two slide samples to take a look at:

What not to do:   What to do:

Lastly, since you are using a presentation to support your argument, clients do not need to a copy of your presentation. Instead, hand clients a brochure or prepare a kit they can take home.

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