Trois qualités pour gagner la confiance de vos futurs clients
BlogNewsThree attributes to earn the trust of your future clients

Three attributes to earn the trust of your future clients

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The relationship between a financial advisor and a future client is founded on trust. But making a genuine connection at the first meeting is a real challenge.

According to Jean Dupriez, financial advisor and author of Savoir choisir son conseiller financier, there are three specific attributes that will help you build a bond of trust with your clients:

1- Competence

First off, your clients have to feel that you know what you are talking about—you are knowledgeable and you know your field inside and out. Demonstrating that you have the skills to accurately analyze their financial position will help solidify your relationship.

Giving a brief description of yourself, without bragging, is one way to prove your worth. You can also describe the training you’ve received, your professional designations, the tools you use and your fields of expertise.

2- Honesty

Your future clients have to believe that they can count on your honesty. When presenting different insurance products, we recommend describing the benefits and drawbacks of each product, clearly and transparently.

He recommends for clients to ask questions that might surprise you, such as:

- Is being a financial advisor the main source of your income?

- Are you paid a commission on the sales you make?

- How much do you think you’ll make this year, from me as a client?

The purpose of these questions is to gauge your reaction and assess if you are honest, based on your answers. It’s best to be prepared!

3- Courage

Future clients may want to test how courageous you are, on two scores.

The courage to keep improving.

Does continuing education appeal to you? Do you strive to learn more so you can provide updated information to your clients? Your future clients may very well ask you these types of questions. If you continually seek to improve, this tells your clients that you don’t take anything for granted and that you strive to improve so you can offer them the best.

The courage to be honest

Are you willing to offer options to clients that may work against you but are good for your clients? Your clients will admire your willingness to put them first.

Be transparent in the options you offer clients.

According to Jean Dupriez, there are 6 signs that signal whether or not you have these attributes:

  1. Order and method
  2. Civility
  3. Being a good listener
  4. Pressure (Do you let your client speak?)
  5. Patience
  6. Respect
  7. Idle chatter (boasting)
  8. Resorting to sales tactics
  9. Discretion
  10. Promising better returns.

In other words, make sure you’re prepared before you meet with a client. Competence, honesty and courage are key to developing successful relationships with clients.

Source: Dupriez, Jean. Savoir choisir son conseiller financier, EDIVAL, 2010.

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