Qu'est-ce que Pro Spect assurances?
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What is Pro Spect Insurance?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pro Spect Insurance is a financial services firm that focuses primarily on client referrals. The Pro Spect service offer is the perfect solution for brokers who want to keep their calendars filled and develop their client base.

A multitude of benefits

This firm finds clients who need personal insurance and financial services and directs them to their insurance brokers, based on matching criteria. To fulfill its mission, Pro Spect has an exclusive agreement with one of Quebec’s biggest insurance lead generators:

Using the right marketing and client acquisition tools, Pro Spect is able to find and refer serious clients with the potential to close the deal to its network of brokers.

Joining our network means getting referrals from qualified clients, based on your performance. There are no monthly fees to get referrals, we operate based on a commission-sharing arrangement.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact

Genviève Sénécal, Manager, for a confidential discussion.
Phone: 1-877-831-4884

You can also go to the Pro Spect Insurance website.

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