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With our new business model and our strategic positioning in the financial services industry, our plan is to build business partnerships empowered by our banner. Our highly dynamic and innovative development vision has helped us solidify our position among Canada’s industry leaders.

To be your growth partner, we offer the following services:

Multidisciplinary business plan and coaching

Aurrea Signature will support you in implementing a customized business plan tailored to meet your firm’s unique needs. Our goal is to guide you in reaching your objectives, help you overcome obstacles, achieve your sales objectives, establish work practices, implement an operating framework, target your business network and roll out your development strategy.

Aurrea Signature will partner with you in managing your business!

Corporate Client Referrals

Aurrea Signature’s corporate call centre refers clients from previous projects we’ve completed for different professional associations and from our own exclusive programs. In the last few years, our call centre has referred close to 5,500 corporate requests to its business network annually. Our corporate client development expertise will help your firm grow its business volume and draw brokers to your service offering.

Online Referrals (with Pro Spect Insurance)

Aurrea Signature, through its Pro Spect Insurance subsidiary, can refer serious clients that are highly likely to close the deal to its broker network. Our online referral service is the ideal solution for brokers who want to focus on sales instead of canvassing for clients.

Since 2014, our online referral service has proven its worth, with more than 10,000 life and health insurance referrals each year, through our partner’s website, Clicassure.com!

Join our network, and we’ll refer qualified clients to you, based on your performance. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on what you do best!

Financial Analysis (portfolio valuation and purchase)

Aurrea Signature has extensive business analysis and business financing expertise. Our financial analysis department can assess the value of a firm or broker clientele that you wish to acquire. Whether this is for a future acquisition, business succession or just to find out what your firm is worth, Aurrea Signature can assist you at each stage of the process. This service involves developing a new business plan, by determining the operating costs, future revenues and how to finance a start-up.


Aurrea Signature will guide you in managing day-to-day compliance issues. Our partner firms benefit from our compliance and legal service offering. To review the contractual aspects of your operations, perform due diligence on your own firm, your partnering firms or your advisors, interpret and apply industry rules and regulations or any other legal mandate, our legal and compliance department will be a major asset to your business.

Accounting tailored to your needs

The Accounting department at Aurrea Signature sets itself apart by offering personalized services that are adapted to the needs of each partnering firm. We offer a broad range of services, including preparation of financial statements, tax planning and advice, bookkeeping, tracking of receivables, setting of budgets and determining of purchasing power. We also make sure your company applies updated accounting standards. Our strength in numbers means that you will benefit from extra purchasing power when buying business supplies.

Weekly PDU training sessions

Earning PDUs is easy with Aurrea Signature! We host training sessions in our offices each week.